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We are global. Read about what your fellow alumni are doing around the world.

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  • Brian Renaud, USA

    Class of 2007
    Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
    Current Location: Houston, Texas, United States of America

    Crediting the university with giving him a competitive advantage, Brian now has a career that’s flourishing in Houston, Texas. He's the Vice President, Americas - Sales for Lloyd's Register Energy, which provides a range of services such as inspection, maintenance, compliance, risk management and QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment). He’s was one of the youngest employees to be named General Manager for this global organization with more than 6,000 employees before being promoted to Vice President. “It is a tremendous feeling to have the support of my company in handing the keys over to an entire operation.”
    Brian says that "my time at the university gave me the confidence to head right into the working world and not feel like I was ‘new’ at employment.” This was thanks to classroom visits by industry leaders and course content. To this day, he still refers to notes from his Strategy course as he builds business plans, budgets and sales and marketing reports.
    Today, says Brian, “with so many graduates pouring out of schools, you need to have a competitive advantage, whether through public speaking or technical skills.” He advises current students to "push instructors to allow you to practice your skills in a competitive environment."

    Brian's next adventure is on its way; his wife Danelle is currently expecting their second child.

  • Darryl Barnhart, USA

    Darryl Barnhart

    Class of 2013
    Bachelor of Science (Honours), Physics

    Current location: Mountain View, California, United States of America

    Darryl likes solving complicated problems that involve both software and mathematics.  So how better to use his skills than as a software engineer at the headquarters of Google Inc. in Silicon Valley.

    Hired by Google in June 2012, Darryl says the “past four years at Google have been full of challenges and accomplishments. I'm working on infrastructure with a global impact.” Recently, Darryl was invited to join the six month Machine Learning Ninja Program, as one of 18 talented "ninja" coders, in which he will learn artificial intelligence techniques that will help create smarter Google products. With this recent development in his career, Darryl says his "math background has been invaluable. It's given me a great intuition for machine learning."

    His time at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology provided a good foundation to help with this transition. "UOIT was smaller, which meant a less intimidating academic environment, yet without sacrificing rigour. In fact, it was much more conducive to genuine learning, rather than superficially churning out work."

    Darryl also appreciated that the university was a new institution, “which creates the opportunity for entrepreneurialism." He used this opportunity to help launch the successful computer science club, and an attempted math club that future students may yet realize. He was also involved in orientation leadership and the mentoring program.

    Darryl says he matured at UOIT and grew his mathematical fluency through his studies there. “Both of these are immensely valuable to me.  I also developed the entrepreneurial skills needed to make things happen, and learned to balance collaboration and decisiveness to foster success.”


  • Dawn Tom, Australia

    Dawn Tom

    Class of 2015
    Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Commerce

    Current location: Sydney, Australia
    Soon after graduating from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Dawn stepped out of her comfort zone and headed to Australia. Without work or a network, simply by using the knowledge and skills she gained at university, Dawn quickly found "a great job." She credits her experiences at UOIT with giving her "the interpersonal skills and the confidence to market myself as someone who would be an asset to an employer."
    Dawn is the interim industrial department coordinator and administrative/team assistant in the Western Sydney region of global property management company Knight Frank Australia. She feels "lucky to be learning under some of the best leaders I've had the pleasure of working with. Upper management and other coworkers are keen to teach me more about our industry and to mentor my professional and personal growth."  She adds, "not only am I improving and gaining professional skills in a global capacity, but I am also immersing myself in a whole new culture and a whole new way of life."
    Dawn intends to keep stepping out of her comfort zone  and hopes one day to live and work in the United Kingdom and/or New Zealand. "I want to travel to new places and immerse myself in different cultures, eventually building my network globally."
    For other students who wish to step out of their own comfort zones and into demanding new territory, Dawn suggests, "be passionate about what you want and go after it. Do not be afraid of failure; when it knocks you down,  get back up and try even harder. The things that seem the hardest are the ones that are usually worth it!"

  • Katelynn Perrault, Belgium

    Katelynn Perrault

    Class of 2011
    Bachelor of Science (Honours), Forensic Science

    Current location: Liège, Belgium

    As someone who loves solving a good mystery, Katelynn is enjoying her work as a postdoctoral researcher in forensic and life sciences at Université de Liège in Belgium.
    Katelynn is pursuing an academic career through an international route, receiving a PhD in Forensic Analytical Chemistry from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia in 2015. "I've been fortunate to travel the globe for studies and work, and this has completely changed who I am and how I view the world."
    In fact, Katelynn thought the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) was a bit too close to home when she initially explored university options. But after visiting campus, "I was convinced it was the right place for me. I loved the small nature of the university: the class sizes, the ability to interact closely with professors, establishing a sense of community with fellow students. I also was drawn by factors like the crime scene house facilities and some of the research being done by the forensic science faculty members. It was an easy choice."
    Since graduating, Katelynn has been involved in both teaching and research, "contributing back to the educational systems that sparked my interest in science in the first place."  She's now involved in novel analytical instrumentation for forensic science applications. "It is all about breaking traditional boundaries and introducing new techniques. It will be really interesting to see if some of these techniques will make their way into forensic laboratories in the future and how they will impact forensic casework."
    Looking ahead to her career in the future, Katelynn wants to become a university professor. "I hope that one day soon I will be able to make a difference in student learning and success the same way that my mentors had an impact on me."

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